Toskani Night Reverse Cream

Toskani Night Reverse Cream

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The ultimate luxurious moisturiser. The Toskani Night Reverse Cream is the perfect balance of rich and hydrating, but non-greasy, making it the perfect night time moisturiser for all skin types. We lose the most water from our skin overnight (TEWL = Trans epidermal water loss) which is why using a richer night cream is essential for restoring hydrating, locking in moisture and replenishing the skin to allow it to heal and function at its peak. 

If you love Aspect Super Moisturising Complex or CosMedix Resync, you'll LOVE this beautiful moisturiser. 

Product Benefits:

- Restores stressed and damaged skin, protecting it and preventing premature ageing.
- Boosts water retention in the skin.
- Prevents skin dehydration.
- Anti-inflammatory properties.
- Improves skin barrier function.

Key Ingredients:

- Tumeric Stem Cells
- Hyaluronic Acid
- Lactococcus Lactis Lysate
- Shea Butter
- Squalene


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