TEGANMAC.SKIN started in Feb of 2017 as little place to share my skin knowledge and help people feel confident in their skin. My interest in skin began many years earlier, during my struggle with acne. I had tried all of the common skin fixes; prescription antibiotics, the pill, Proactive, Dermatologist recommended skincare, products that my friends used, Chinese Medicine, home remedies…for me, these were only short-term solutions or didn’t work at all. As a teen, the world of skin was overwhelming and confusing. Every product promised to be the magic fix, and with limited money, it just felt like I was going around in circles. It wasn’t until I started my Diploma in Beauty Therapy that I started to learn about how the skin really worked. Initially I did the course thinking I would go down the path of massage therapy and make up artistry, but the more I learnt about skin, the more I realised this information could not be ignored. Once I started taking control over my skin, I thought…people really need to know about this! I could really help people here! And that’s what I set out to do, help people understand their skin and give them the best advice on how to take control over it. Over time, TEGANMAC.SKIN has grown and continues to grow into what is now my own business that I’m very proud of. Today, TEGANMAC.SKIN is where I share not only my own personal skin journey, but the journey of all of my beautiful clients. I talk about products, lifestyle factors, skin treatments and skin function, anything to do with achieving happy and healthy skin.

What I offer my clients is a genuine, personalised skin journey where I assess all factors that be contributing to your skin concerns. There are enough lies and false advertising out in the world when it comes to skincare, my job is to give you honest advice and realistic expectations, in my opinion, that is the best way to achieve long term results. I get a lot of questions over Instagram asking for advice which is awesome, I love seeing people take an interest in caring for their skin. I always say to my followers, the best way I can help you is through a proper consultation, I don’t want to give you vague information like many other platforms. Booking in for a face to face consultation at the clinic is the best action you can take in getting serious about helping your skin. For anyone who can’t get to my Melbourne clinic, I offer online consultations. My goal is to try and help as many people as possible understand what it takes to achieve healthy skin, so help me help you by booking a consultation. Once we’ve had our initial consult, I can continue to offer ongoing support through Instagram.

TEGANMAC.SKIN is a place where honesty, humour, and a passion for skin all comes together. Even if all you get out of it this is one little piece of information, or just a laugh, then I’m happy. Feeling confident in the skin you’re in is such a big part of why I do what I do. I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and self-conscious of your skin. That’s why I bare all on Instagram, I want to keep it real! Even Teganmac.skin has bad skin days, it’s so normal and you should never feel down about. If anyone teases you about your skin DM me and I’ll deal with them ;) I’m very excited to see where TEGANMAC.SKIN takes me in the future and I can’t wait to meet all of you wonderful skin-lovers and help you on your journey to healthy skin. Cheers to all looking like JLO when we’re 50! And reapply your sunscreen god dammit!