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Name: Amelia

Concern(s): Acne

Review: I have suffered with acne for over 10 years. Gross, big, boil pimples and I have always been really self conscious of my skin, I have tried a million things, spent a lot of money and been on harsh medications, Tegan was my remedy. She made my skin feel vibrant and youthful again, I have been complimented many times on my complexion since seeing Tegan, changing over products and lifestyle on her recommendations has really worked!! I was referred to Tegan from a friend who wouldn't stop raving about her, now nearly my whole group of girlfriends see Tegan, she's become a hot topic because we all love Tegan. I'm running out of people to refer to Tegan, so do yourself a favour and see this goddess!

Name: Erin

Concern(s): Acne, Congestion, Dry skin, Dull skin

Review: I had my first skin treatment (thus far) from Tegan about 2 weeks ago. I was taken aback at how thorough she was during our consultant and then blow away at how knowledgeable she was. I’ve purchased 2 of the 4 products she recommended and have seen a huge difference in my skin already. Less breakouts, redness and heaps more glowy. I’ve booked in my next custom facial for December and will be purchasing sunforgettable soon and the cleanser she recommended as soon as I’ve finished my current cleanser. She made what can be such a complex thing to navigate so easy and simple. Thanks heaps Tegan!

Name: Kelsey

Concern(s): Sensitivity, Dry skin

Review: I haven't had a consultation yet (I'm booked in next month YAY as I live 4 hours away) BUT.. I follow on instagram and I find all her posts and recommendations to be amazing and my skin has never looked better! I can't wait to see where my skin goes after the consultation.

Name: Josephine

Concern(s): Acne, Anti-aging, Congestion, Sensitivity, Dry skin, Pigmentation, Texture, Dull skin

Review: I am so glad I made the decision to come and see Tegan. She has honestly made the world of difference to my skin, she’s fantastic in her knowledge and genuinely tries to help you reach your skin goals. I love that she never makes you feel like you’re forced to buy anything. She goes out of her way to ensure that you’re well informed about treatments and skincare. Thank you Tegan you’ve been amazing, you’ve saved my skin and best of all put me on a skincare routine that is personalised and works for me!

Name: Mel

Concern(s): Anti-aging

Review: The girl is a genius I tell you. A genius. How did Tegan know that when she packed my purchased goodies with a little gift that the day they arrived would be the day my Aspects Phytostat 9 ran out. And what was my gift? Phytostat9! Absolutely made my day. Thank you Tegan :)

Name: Rachel

Concern(s): Congestion, Sensitivity, Dull skin

Review: Tegan knows so much about skin and continues to expand her knowledge, which is great. I trust her completely with my skin concerns and have had great results so far. Tegan is happy to answer any questions you have and her custom facials are really well suited. I love going to her rooms, they're so clean and nice. She goes in depth into not just what I put on my skin but also my diet and lifestyle, which I think is really beneficial. 10/10 would recommend.

Name: Hannah

Concern(s): Acne, Congestion, Dry skin, Pigmentation

Review: I’ve just had my consultation with Tegan and already I feel so happy to have her looking after me! I’m excited to see what the future holds for my skin and have absolute confidence in whatever Tegan wants to do with me! After following her Instagram recommendations I ordered some new great skincare products and am on the road to healthy, glowing skin ! Thank you Tegan x

Name: Felicia

Concern(s): Acne, Congestion, Texture

Review: I have been seeing Tegan since January this year and she has been determined to help me get to the bottom on my Acne concerns. With the trial of different products and treatments I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Tegan knows her stuff and I completely trust any advice and suggestions she offers. Now looking forward to getting my skin wedding ready!

Name: Bronya

Concern(s): Acne, Congestion, Dry skin, Texture, Dull skin

Review: This girl is no joke! When I first saw Tegan my skin was dull and congested (we now lol about how dead i looked) Tegan recommended a few basic products to start with and we changed my routine without it being overwhelming or too pricey. I saw results immediately and was instantly sold that she was legit and knows what she is talking about. This girl is a god damn magician, Tegan. Mac. dot. skin, enough said.

Name: Alarna

Concern(s): Anti-aging, Congestion, Sensitivity, Dry skin

Review: Tegan is fabulous! I just had an online consult - she was so friendly and she knows her stuff! She explained everything and sent my ideal routine through straight away. I have some products already that I’ve bought from following along on Instagram which I’m super impressed with and can’t wait to add more of her recommendations!

Name: Jenna

Concern(s): Acne, Dull skin

Review: I’ve always had break outs since I can remember. I always thought this meant I had oily skin - turns out me, and all the other skin “professionals” I have seen were wrong. After my first consultation and skin analysis, I’ve finally started using products for my actual skin type (dry), and of course despite the occasional break out (especially after the purge of switching to products that actually work), my skin has been described as glowing. It’s taken a long time to feel comfortable in my skin, and now I do. I look forward to falling asleep during Omni lux every visit, and can’t thank or recommend Tegan enough.

Name: Jacqui

Concern(s): Sensitivity, Dry skin, Texture

Review: Tegan is so knowledgeable and happy to answer any questions you have about skin. She is thorough and goes above and beyond in her treatments. Her treatments are really customised and she ensures you understand the purpose / function of your treatment rather than just following blindly. She isn't pushy with a whole lot of products and will only recommend what you really need and will work for you. On top of all of that, her Instagram is hilarious! Thanks Tegan for making my skin smooth and glowy!

Name: Tia

Concern(s): Acne, Congestion, Sensitivity, Dry skin, Pigmentation, Texture, Dull skin

Review: I have had acne and scarring troubles since I was 11.... yestersay at the age of 30 I walked out of our bedroom and for the first time in my life I jokingly (seriously) said to my husband "Ummmm excuse me, I can't help it if my skin looks this good" and then we laughed and laughed... I totally had a few pimples when I said this and I still have my scarring but my skins health is changing, its glowing and I feel good about it. Tegan keeps things real!! She reminds us that shes human and we are human and its ok have have our ups and downs with skin. Since following the mac I have learnt so much about my own skin and skincare. I am from North QLD and had an appointment when I visited Melbourne, Tegan made me feel comfortable and really knew her stuff. I'd fly down for another treatment for sure!! Thank you for helping to bring my skin back to life <3

Name: Elise

Concern(s): Congestion, Dry skin, Dull skin

Review: I've been seeing Tegan for my skin since 2016 and could not recommend her more! Before getting semi-regular treatments and using cosmeceuticals, my skin was never great - I had a lot of hormonal breakouts and problem areas that all the other products I'd tried had failed to address. Tegan recommended a number of products to me that have made a significant difference to my skin, to the point now that I only wear a BB cream for work - no more foundation! The confidence I have gained in knowing my skin is looking and feeling healthy, with very minimal breakouts is an amazing feeling! I can actually leave the house now with absolutely nothing on my face (apart from sunscreen of course!) and not feel self-conscious. Thanks Tig, you're literally my skin saviour!

Name: Leah

Concern(s): Dry skin, Pigmentation

Review: I’m a self confessed skin care product addict so having an online consult with was an essential. I’m so excited to be working with her to make sure my skin can look it’s best, always. She is simplifying my routine which is exactly what I need. Thanks TM! xx

Name: Steph

Concern(s): Anti-aging, Texture, Dull skin

Review: After recently having my 27th birthday, it was time to admit I had no clue of how to properly take care of my skin. Cue TeganMac.Skin. I had my first consultation a week ago and Tegan was amazing, doing a complete analysis of my skin and taking the time to explain what products I needed and most importantly why. I’ve been using the recommended products (with two more to add in soon) for a week and can say my skin is looking and feeling great!

Name: Marta

Concern(s): Anti-aging, Sensitivity, Pigmentation

Review: I had been following Tegan on Instagram as she was full of knowledge on all things skin care and she was also always happy to answer my questions. I got a few of the products she had recommended after I had mentioned some concerns and I saw the difference on my skin instantly! I did an online consultation and she was so thorough and helpful. She put together a complete program, from skincare, to treatments and lifestyle. I cannot recommend her enough.

Name: Emma

Concern(s): Anti-aging, Congestion, Pigmentation

Review: I recently made my first purchase from Tegan after following her on Instagram for ages. Tegan provides really down to earth advice that I always trust. I decided to try one of her silk pillowcases even though I was a bit skeptical, but I am absolutely loving it! I also got a few other items and love them all. Cannot thank you enough Tegan!

Name: Renee

Concern(s): Pigmentation

Review: I had an online consultation with Tegan about 2 weeks ago, and she really listened and wrote me out a tailored skincare plan to help reduce the amount of product in my regime (I am a sucker for trying any and everything, skincare obsessed) and to help with some post acne inflammation/scarring. I can't wait to be able to finish up my products so I can buy everything on that list she recommended and also to get in to get a treatment post iso! Tegan is extremely knowledgeable and knows her product range back to front, I would recommend a consult to anyone thinking about doing it.

Name: Sarah

Concern(s): Congestion, Sensitivity, Dry skin, Pigmentation

Review: After following Tegan and her amazing advice on Instagram I was able to have an in- clinic consultation with her earlier this year, and more recently and online consult. Both times Tegan provided extremely knowledgeable insight into my skin, in a way that I could understand and solutions that worked for me. Tegan is really wonderful at making you feel super comfortable asking her anything and everything (even if you feel like it's a stupid question) and since seeing Tegan, I have felt so much more comfortable with my skin, (even on not so great days) knowing that it is always changing. I cannot recommend Tegan enough!! :)

Name: Andrea

Concern(s): Anti-aging, Dry skin, Texture, Dull skin

Review: Maybe it was me hitting my 30s maybe it was me preparing for my wedding but since last year i've been wanting to get a proper skincare routine and been obsessing about knowing everything about skincare. Also been wanting for ages now to get rid of same old acne scarring I've had forever. So out of nowhere the goddess her shelf TEGANMAC.SKIN appeared on my insta and i have been following her ever since. In October i went in for an initial consultation with a custom corrective facial. I come out of my first appointment glowing not only from her treatment but also happiness. She is amazing, she knows her products well, she knows skincare and she is genuine with her clients. The thing i love the most is that she takes the time to analyse and explain everything to you and she will never push you to buy any product or treatment, she just kindly suggests want is needed for your skin. Since then i have also been in for skin needling once and i hope she knows she's never getting rid of me. Getting my Bride skin Ready :)