Winter Essentials Detox Pack (Save $50)

Winter Essentials Detox Pack (Save $50)

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Iso skin is real, so I've made a winter pack to treat exactly that. Detox your skin with these rebalancing, pore clarifying skin savers. Whether you're oily or dry, breaking out in weird places or just feeling icky, this pack will work for you. 

Detox Mask hot tip: Apply the mask all over, or just where needed eg. the T-Zone. You want to rinse the mask off with warm water before it completely dries, this will ensure that it doesn't suck any moisture out of your skin. 

Reboot Serum hot tip: The bottle says apply pm, but you can definitely apply this morning and night. This serum is all about rebalancing misbehaving skin. It's the perfect balance of probiotics, hyaluronic and it even has cheeky peptide in there too. 

This pack includes:

Société Peptide Mask

CosMedix Detox Mask

CosMedix Reboot Serum 

Société Peptide Eye Mask

All products are full size.

$145 (SAVE $50)

Available for a limited time only! Don't sleep on it, you know how quickly the packs sell out!